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Listen to Our Story!

Gimme Seltzer began when two men’s lifelong obsession with beer became sidelined by health issues, and two brothers’ entrepreneurial dreams came alive. Listen Now to ‘Inside the Brewery, A Tale of Two Seltzers’ on the Round Guys Radio Network featuring Two Robbers Hard Seltzer.

GimmeSeltzer is Different!

The endgame, as laid out by Rudich, looked to provide a high-quality, house-brewed alternative for not only the gluten avoidant, but also a thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing product for carb conscious consumers. For Rudich, this wasn’t a measure of jumping on a trend, it was now the only product he could drink!

Artist Inspired!

Artist Shannon Vogel, of the Lansdale based Headway Art Collective, showcases beautiful alcohol based pour art on each one of our labels. Pour art blends the fluid unpredictability of flow colors spiraling into bubbly and, sometimes, floral designs on a canvas.

Our specialty Dry Hopped Seltzer series provides a refreshing, light alternative to beer without sacrificing beer’s most important ingredient served with a Green Tea complexion! Hops used will be noted on the label.

Rich orange plumes upward with determination in our effervescence Blood Orange Seltzer!

Vibrant with a perfume aroma, Passion Fruit Seltzer provides you with a rich passionfruit experience, including flavors of berries and lemonzest!”

Minty with a hint a lime, Your perfect summertime seltzer is just around the corner!

Refreshing to the last drop, Lush but not overpowering watermelons.